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We are Northbaze Group AB

Northbaze Group AB is an audio specialist who develops, designs and produces earphones, speakers and equipment for portable media players and Smart mobility under different brands. The brand portfolio currently consists of the brands CLINT® Digital, Jays Headphones, KAVAJ and Krusell. The products are being sold worldwide through global distributors and through each brands eCommerce. Northbaze Group AB is a publicly listed company on Nasdaq First North.

Northbaze Group’s long-term financial objective is to have annual growth in net sales of 20 percent with a profit of minimum 10 percent EBITDA margin and an equity ratio (solidity) over 30 percent. The Northbaze Group has a strategy plan to make several acquisitions coming years with the objective to diversify and create a strong company group with a focus on long-term profitable growth. Northbaze Group currently has offices in Sweden, Germany, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Thailand, where its 100% owned production facility is located.